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Donkey-raiders из грузинских ВС

На сайте грузинского МО пишут о создании 2-й артиллерийской бригады. Поскольку из России сайт не открывается(только через анонимайзер) цитирую
The artillerists of the Georgian Armed Forces have trainings at the Orpholo Firing Range.
Artillery trainings have begun on November 17th. Together with the artillery battalions of the Third and Fifth Infantry Brigades trainings have been attended by the newly established the Second Artillery Brigade.

The Second Artillery Brigade, which is located in Khoni, was created on the basis of the First Artillery Group of the former Artillery Brigade. In comparison with the Third and Fifth Artillery Brigades the Second Artillery Brigade is newly established and in spite of this above mentioned unit has participated in the August developments and received smell of powder in combat operations.

The artillery trainings aim to exercise specialists at each level individually. Management on sub-units level, communication and staff personnel training are main subjects of this trainings as well.
“During this training we are realizing individual preparation of gunner specialists, intelligence units and officers of communication. Trainings include preparation of all military servicemen from corporal up to head of battalions.” - Mentioned Col. Arsen Sukhishvili, Commander of the Second Artillery Brigade.

In the trainings actively were involved artillery battalion RM-70, artillery battalion equipped with Czech produced self-propelled 152mm cannon DANA and 2S3 battalion via 152mm ACACIA. Furthermore, the Anti-mechanized Battalion used anti-tank ruled rockets FAGOT and MP-12.

Baptism of fire как "понюхать пороху" мега-креативщики от МО Грузии похоже даже не слышали.
Anti-mechanized Battalion это, наверное, такая специальная часть, на ослах, Donkey-raiders
anti-tank ruled rockets термин Guided люди с Промптом из грузинского МО тоже не знают.

На грамматику я даже внимания не обращаю.
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